Nicola's publication accepted by ACS Central Science


Nicola's article, "Drug delivery via cell membrane fusion using lipopeptide modified liposomes" by J. Yang, A. Bahreman, G. Daudey, J. Bussmann, R.C.L. Olsthoorn and Alexander Kros has been accepted by ACS Central Science 2016.

Abstract: Efficient delivery of drugs to living cells is still a major challenge. Currently, most methods rely on the endocytotic pathway resulting in low delivery efficiency due to limited endosomal escape and/or degradation in lysosomes. Here, we report a new method for direct drug delivery into the cytosol of live cells in vitro and vivo utilizing targeted membrane fusion between liposomes and live cells. A pair of complementary coiled coil lipopeptides was embedded in the lipid bilayer of liposomes and cell membranes respectively, resulting in targeted membrane fusion with concomitant release of liposome encapsulated cargo including fluorescent dyes and the cytotoxic drug doxorubicin. Using a wide spectrum of endocytosis inhibitors and endosome trackers we demonstrate that the major site of cargo release is at the plasma membrane. This method thus allows for the quick and efficient delivery of drugs and is expected to have many in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo applications.