SBC group has reclaimed the CDL football cup!

The SBC group has won the annual CDL football tournament again! In a fierce battle, SBC defeated the student team from Delft and is now the proud owner of the CDL Football Cup 2017.

Congratulations and thank you CDL, for the perfect organization

Group photo November 2016
SBC group 29 Nov 2016.jpg

Below you can find the high resolution version of the group photo. Enjoy!

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Teun Sweere winnaar NK Tegenwindfietsen 2016

Weer een prijs voor Teun Sweere! Dit keer was hij eerste bij de Ned. Kampioenschappen Tegenwindfietsen, die op 20 november op Neeltje Jans gehouden werden, onder stormachtige omstandigheden!

Nicola's publication accepted by ACS Central Science

Nicola's article, "Drug delivery via cell membrane fusion using lipopeptide modified liposomes" by J. Yang, A. Bahreman, G. Daudey, J. Bussmann, R.C.L. Olsthoorn and Alexander Kros has been accepted by ACS Central Science 2016.

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Publication accepted by ACS Nano

"Application of Coiled Coil Peptides in Liposomal Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Using a Zebrafish Xenograft Model" by Jian Yang; Yasuhito Shimada; Rene Olsthoorn; Ewa B. Snaar-Jagalska; Herman Spaink; Alexander Kros.

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SBC Group Outing 2016

"Battle fun" after a great lunch!

New publication by Alexander Kros et al

Title: Geometry of the contact zone between fused membrane-coated beads mimicking cell-cell fusion by Filip Savic, Torben-Tobias Kliesch, Sarah Verbeek, Chunxiao Bao, Jan Thiart, Alexander Kros, Burkhard Geil and Andreas Janshoff

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New publication by Alexander and Bartjan

Coiled coil interactions for the targeting of liposomes for nucleic acid delivery by Erik Oude Blenke, Joep van den Dikkenberg, Bartjan van Kolck, Alexander Kros, Enrico Mastrobattista
Coiled coil interactions are strong protein-protein interactions that are involved in many biological processes, including intracellular trafficking and membrane fusion. A synthetic heterodimeric coiled-coil forming peptide pair, known as E3 (EIAALEK)3 and K3 (KIAALKE)3 was used to functionalize liposomes encapsulating a splice correcting oligonucleotide or siRNA.

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New publication by Tingting Zheng, Aimee Boyle et al

Title: A non-zipper-like tetrameric coiled coil promotes membrane fusion

Authors: Tingting Zheng, Monica Bulacu, Geert Daudey, Frank Versluis, Jens Voskuhl, Guiliana Martelli, Jan Raap, G.J. Sevink, Alexander Kros, and Aimee L. Boyle

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Article published by Azadeh Bahreman and Nestor Lopez Mora

Title: Targeted anion transporter delivery by coiled-coil driven membrane fusion

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Lily Kong's paper accepted as a 'Hot Paper' by Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Title: Temporal Control of Membrane Fusion through Photolabile PEGylation of Liposome Membranes
Li Kong, Sven H.C. Askes, Sylvestre Bonnet, Alexander Kros and Frederick Campbell

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Best poster prize at Reedijk Symposium for Willem Noteborn

Willem's poster was awarded 'best poster prize' at the Reedijk Symposium, last Friday. Congratulations to all authors!

Acticle published in Langmuir by Martin Rabe et al.


An article has been published in Langmuir. Authors: M. Rabe, H.R. Zope and A. Kros. Title: The interplay between lipid interaction and homo-coiling of membrane tethered coiled-coil peptides.

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VENI grant awarded to Dr. Aimee Boyle

Dr. Aimee Boyle of the Supramolecular & Biomaterials Chemistry group has been awarded a Veni grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Veni grants are awarded to talented young researchers who recently received their PhD.

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Article by Victorio Saez Talens published in Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed.

The article published by Victorio and Roxanne titled "Aromatic gain in a supramolecular polymer" can now be found online:

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NWO Top Sector Chemistry Grant for Roy Pattipeiluhu

Roy Pattipeiluhu and two other students have received an NWO Top Sector Chemistry Grant for their proposal entitled: Dual-directed Liposomes: Double Trouble for Tumors.
Research will be carried out in the SBC group under supervision of Dr. Alexander Kros.

SBC/SMC group winner of the CDL football tournament 2015!
football team 2015

It took us 5 matches and a series of penalties, but we've won the CDL football tournament at last! Congratulations to all the players and thanks to CDL for organising this great event.

Article by Néstor published in Chem. Commun.

An article entitled: "Imaging the lipid bilayer of giant vesicles using red-to-blue light upconversion" by Néstor et al. has been published in Chem. Communications.

Interview with Alexander Kros in Leidsch Dagblad

Alexander has been interviewed by journalist Iris Nijman of the 'Leidsch Dagblad' about 'membrane-fusion'.  For further reading click headline.

Best poster prize for Victorio!

Congratulations to Victorio Saez Talens in the group of Dr. Roxanne Kieltyka for winning Best Poster in the Chemistry and Biomedical section of the Dutch Polymer Days!