Welcome to the Supramolecular & Biomaterials Chemistry group
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Figure 1. Coiled-coil chemistry in the Kros laboratory. Left panel shows examples of peptide mediated self-assembly and the right panel shows examples of how coiled-coil assemblies are utilized in new functions.

The Supramolecular & Biomaterials Chemistry group of Prof. Alexander Kros is active in the field of self-assembly of amphiphilic peptides and applying them in supramolecular chemistry.

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Group photo November 2016
SBC group 29 Nov 2016.jpg

Below you can find the high resolution version of the group photo. Enjoy!

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Teun Sweere winnaar NK Tegenwindfietsen 2016

Weer een prijs voor Teun Sweere! Dit keer was hij eerste bij de Ned. Kampioenschappen Tegenwindfietsen, die op 20 november op Neeltje Jans gehouden werden, onder stormachtige omstandigheden!

Nicola's publication accepted by ACS Central Science

Nicola's article, "Drug delivery via cell membrane fusion using lipopeptide modified liposomes" by J. Yang, A. Bahreman, G. Daudey, J. Bussmann, R.C.L. Olsthoorn and Alexander Kros has been accepted by ACS Central Science 2016.

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Publication accepted by ACS Nano

"Application of Coiled Coil Peptides in Liposomal Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Using a Zebrafish Xenograft Model" by Jian Yang; Yasuhito Shimada; Rene Olsthoorn; Ewa B. Snaar-Jagalska; Herman Spaink; Alexander Kros.

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